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Career Transition on LinkedIn

This one-to-one two-part consultation covers everything you need to know and do, to maximise your career transition using Linkedin.

Whether you like the thought of using Linkedin or not, you cannot escape the fact that anyone in career transition should be in this space - Hirers are all over LinkedIn and looking for you. It is, undoubtedly a powerful tool – if you know what to do with it.

In today’s recruitment landscape you need a professional online profile and LinkedIn is THE place to professionally represent yourself online. Let’s not forget it is the world’s largest professional networking site and probably the most effective resource in your toolkit for maximising and refreshing your networking potential and tapping into the hidden job market. **Remember, significantly more job opportunities are secured through networking than applying to job adverts. Fact.

Get noticed in the core of your professional community. Linkedin has to be part of any savvy job searcher’s strategy; to widen your reach to your target audience, set more hares running and get noticed by your potential hirer network and beyond. LinkedIn is also a great tool for research as well as delivering key messages to the marketplace, particularly useful if you are managing your own targeted job search campaign.

You just need to know what buttons to press, what it can do for you, and how the protocols work.

SESSION 1 optimising your profile, settings, personal branding & to upgrade or not?

SESSION 2 engagement & activity, credibility & endorsement, raising your profile in a crowded market & getting noticed by strangers, research, intelligence, insights, metrics.

2-session program


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