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Ginnie Riley is an expert career transition coach, job search strategist and CV Writer. Able to unlock any career transition challenge and help you achieve your next step career goals far more effectively and quicker than striving alone 

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360 Insider Insight 

Ginnie has highly relevant industry experience, knowledge and insight from every perspective.  Ginnie's experience includes;
  • HR, hiring manager, interviewer, employer
  • Recruiter, recruitment company owner, candidate 
  • 20 years + career transition stakeholder engagement

Blended Support 

Ginnie can adapt the support provided to you, depending on your specific needs
  • Practical help (how it all works, what buttons to press, navigating protocols, planning and action, building confidence, motivation, accountability)
  • Coaching support (determining your objectives and working together to achieve your next step goals)
  • Mentoring support (sense-checking and guidance, keeping you on the right track)

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"It was as if someone had switched the light back on on my LinkedIn profile and CV!"

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“I chose to work with Ginnie as she came highly recommended .. I moved quickly into a new role”

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“I had been advised that I was being made redundant by my employer, whom I had worked with, for over 36 years”

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