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It was an immediate difference in responses and interest both from applications and also the number of people who contacted me on LinkedIn.  It was as if someone had switched the light back on my profile and CV

A rethink and profile redesign gave me the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, which resulted in me landing my dream role as an Innovation Director

Ginnie provided a masterclass in how to use Linkedin to its full potential, which I still use today (I have half a notebook of notes taken during the call which I refer to often!)

You showed me how to get the best out of LinkedIn and updated by CV, which has secured me a lot of new clients [as an Interim Manager]

After my sessions with Ginnie, I started to get more interviews and my LinkedIn profile seemed to attract more attention

I have had a good level of interest in my profile, even during the COVID crisis

Ginnie leaves no stone unturned in making sure that all angles are covered and your total profile is raised to a new sharper level

I particularly liked the real honest view of my profile and Ginnie’s new thinking

Once my new cv and LinkedIn profile was out there the response was immediate and I was getting requests for interviews like they were going out of fashion. It was like people were seeing me for the first time.

It was a fully collaborative approach with Ginnie sucking all the relevant data out of me, which I wouldn't have thought of, to make my CV and LinkedIn both joined up and snazzy.

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