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I didn't realize I had a weak CV

"I have a significant amount of experience across numerous categories, holding senior positions within large corporate businesses. My ambition was to project myself to the next level as a group director focused on strategic innovations. 

I wanted to better articulate my experience and ambition can be difficult to sell, especially at the levels I pitched my next career move. Sometimes creative people naturally talk and talk being so passionate, but do not actually get across their experience and knowledge in the best possible way in the written form.

Not having the tools in place to be clear on your background and experience can let you down and can interfere with your pitch to potential employers you have never met before, especially when you want to create a great first impression. It’s frustrating not having the tools to hit the mark.

I had worked with Ginnie on a previous role as part of my career progression and ambition. I invested in the CV Recraft. These services gave me clear understanding of focus, clear and precise headlines of who you are, what you have achieved with clear goals and ambitions for the future. 

I didn’t realise I had a weak CV that went on and on not really focusing on any career highlights and did not show off my experience and cross functional knowledge to its maximum potential.

Immediately you realise that your CV is the most important document that sells you first, my previous CV was weak compared the dynamic, focused document I have now. Going from 4 pages to 2 after 35 years experience makes you feel all the hard work over the years really does not fit on 2 pages. The difference now however, is my 2 page CV is far more powerful, focused and professional than you could imagine. I pitched myself after my sessions with Ginnie and the feedback was instant and positive, you move away from the 3 stage interview process to 1 and the offer. 

This process made me stand out from the crowd, recruitment agencies comment on such a clear CV with “no “bullxxxx” and boring pages of nonsense. When you listen to what Ginnie is talking about it makes perfect sense, there is a bit of a stern realisation when you are told that you need an overhaul but it makes sense when you really listen to experience.

Invest in projecting yourself more effectively with a greater focus and you will be noticed."

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