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 I didn't really know where to start .. I faced several challenges


"I had just left my company for three years through a redundancy situation. I was thinking of starting up my own company and being self-employed as an engineering consultant, but didn’t really know where to start.  I felt a good place to start was to talk to a professional about my current CV and look at updating this.


I wanted to achieve a professional CV that was to be used to promote myself to potential future clients and secure new opportunities as a self-employed consultant.  


I faced several challenges:  Not knowing what a good looked like or how to structure my CV.  Not knowing what the modern employer was looking for within a CV.  Not knowing how to promote myself in terms of strengths and results achieved in my career.  Not knowing how to promote myself as this new self-employed person looking for work as a company owner.  Making the transition from employee to self-employed was the most challenging part.


My lack of understanding of how to structure my CV frustrated me as was trying to condense my career without it being too wordy was difficult. I felt my CV was not a good read - I had spoken to many people about CV writing and all gave me conflicting advice.  Not having any knowledge of using LinkedIn other than searching for roles, and connecting with people, left me feeling worried about how could I promote myself on this platform.


I had touched base with Ginnie a few years previous when looking for a new role. We had spoken briefly and I immediately felt engaged after the brief conversation. I had connected on LinkedIn and knew Ginnie offered her services on CV writing. I knew Ginnie was a professional who had worked within the industry of recruitment so I could use her experience in promoting myself and helping me brand myself to future employers.  I decided to invest in two of her services - CV recraft and LinkedIn consultation.


Ginnie was fantastic, great at listening, very empathetic and I felt fully engaged in our conversation, her knowledge was outstanding and gave me some much-needed advice on how to use LinkedIn and my CV for opening doors for opportunities.


My new CV looked professionally written, it flowed and also made me think, wow! I have made an impact in my career.  The advice on using LinkedIn helped me set up my profile and helped me connect with many new people within the industry.


Ginnie has shown me how to construct a professional CV, helped me understand what should be in my CV but also recognise what future employers want to see within a CV. I now have a format and template I can use forevermore.


Within two weeks of working with Ginnie on my CV, I secured my first role in a top-level worldwide FMCG food manufacturing company. The company contacted me from my LinkedIn profile and asked for my CV. I was working with this company for the next two and a half years.


I can only thank Ginnie for everything she brought to my toolbox. Ginnie educated me on the job market, helped me understand what employers look for and she helped me revamp my CV to look like a truly professional piece of art. Above all of this, Ginnie’s coaching style on extracting the information from me to write my CV was a pleasurable experience. Ginnie is so easy to talk to, very professional and someone you can truly relate to. I cannot thank Ginnie enough"

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