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I was applying for jobs and not getting first interviews


"I was in a situation where I had the right experience but I was applying for jobs and not getting first interviews. It was also difficult to engage the right people outside my network. I was trying to obtain a position in the pandemic, however I had a cushion so the requirement to get the right position and not just any position was paramount.

In sending the CV off for positions and to recruiters speculatively, I was not getting as much traction as I would have liked. I didn’t know if it was the CV or Linkedin although both were very similar to support my branding. My knowledge gap was in crafting the CV to highlight skills and also how to network more effectively.

Ginnie had been in my network for a while. There are a number of people offering to write CVs although most did not fill me with confidence. It is difficult to sort out the winners from the also rans. Ginnie convinced me through logic and a not too pushy approach about what she could do for me. I invested in the CV Recraft and Jobsearch strategizing session.


Ginnie is easy to work with and approachable. There was a logical process that gave me confidence. I was reluctant to extend my CV to 3 pages but Ginnie persuaded me to do so and it worked.


I started to get more interviews and when networking my Linkedin profile seemed to attract more attention. The CV opened more doors and highlighted my skills more. Ginnie’s services helped overcome the challenges I had been facing. I now know how to highlight achievement and make the CV and application stand out.


My CV got me interviews in the job market that was very tough in the middle of COVID and lockdown. I had multiple opportunities on the go at one point.

The way Ginnie works is very approachable and logical and sets the scene. It is also up to the candidate how much time they want to invest. The more you invest with Ginnie the more you will get out."

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