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I had been unemployed for several months .. nothing was really happening

"I had been unemployed for several months and despite a few enquires nothing was really happening and I decided I needed to do something different to get noticed in the market place. Then I made contact with my fairy godmother (Ginnie) and we discussed a review and revamp of my cv and social media profiles to enable me to be noticed and sought out.

I wanted to get back into the food industry.  The challenge was not getting replies or interviews to roles I was applying for and knowing they were easily within my knowledge and skill base.  The frustration was in hearing nothing back and eventually I went for the scatter gun approach and applied for anything.

Ginnie offered something new and different to the usual “I can rewrite your cv” approach. The consultation would also be face to face and not remote which I preferred (this was just before covid struck).  She explained what companies and recruiters were looking for and how to get your profile noticed across different media platforms.  I took up the CV recraft, LinkedIn consultation and Strategizing consultation.

Ginnie was honest and forthright in her assessment of my cv etc and explained what needed to change to get a new role. There was no rushing and everything was fully explained to get the best out of me and onto my cv etc.  She managed to pull career information out of me to enhance my cv that I could never have remembered without her.

Once my new cv and profile was out there the response was immediate and I was getting requests for interviews like they were going out of fashion. It was like people were seeing me for the first time.

Things certainly changed. Also, I now have the structure of a proper cv and if required I can just add more to it in the format Ginnie laid out for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Ginnie and her services to anyone struggling to find the role they deserve.

Within a short space of time of using Ginnie and attending interviews I was offered several roles which I had the luxury of picking the one which was right for me rather than taking one because it was the only one on offer.

Several of the hiring managers commented on how much they liked my cv and how it was different to all the others and therefore stood out".

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