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I was badly hit by the pandemic and struggled to even get an interview


"I was hit badly with the pandemic and struggling to even get an interview, after being very successful in the past. I had mixed reviews about my CV and profile on Linkedin. I didn’t seem to be getting "noticed" and turned to Ginnie for some solid impartial advice, as she had always been a great sounding board in the past.

I had known Ginnie many years ago when we worked in the same business and also when she became a recruiter. She had always been very supportive and knowledgeable about how to get the best results.

I wanted a more impactful CV that got me noticed and highlighted the most relevant parts of my career that would appeal most to perspective employers and would also raise my profile on LinkedIn to any recruiters doing a search.

I have a lengthy career (and CV !!) with a mixture of  permanent and interim roles. I think this was confusing recruiters, making it difficult to see the relevant and important skills and knowledge I could offer.

I didn't know where to start....and I was a bit blind to the issue before I spoke to Ginnie. She was very clear in her feedback and guidance in terms of what we needed to do together to resolve the problems I was facing. I had been getting very disheartened and frustrated before we sorted it all out. I was grateful for her patience and support.

I invested in the CV Recraft and also the Linkedin Consultation.

It was very cathartic and I learnt a lot of new and more modern ways of presenting myself to others and have a better understanding of how others perceive, read and process CV's and candidates. I noticed an immediate difference in responses and interest both from applications and also the number of people who contacted me on LinkedIn. It was as if  someone had switched the light back on my profile and CV.

Now I feel so much more confident when I submit my CV and reassured that it ticks the boxes for the recruiter and gets my profile across quickly and succinctly. 

This process fully met all my goals, in all respects and more !!"

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