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1-2-1 Coaching Consultation 


This general coaching consultation, on any topic you would like to cover, offers you access to expert and highly personalised career support and guidance, coaching in your best interests with no-one else’s agenda in mind except yours.  Coaching support is provided in every instance by Ginnie Riley.

Schedule a 90-minute consultation for a particular challenge you may be facing or schedule a series of (discounted) check-in mentoring and guidance coaching sessions that will keep you on the right track at all stages of your career transition, with on-tap access to impartial and expert guidance when making such important and life-changing career decisions.

An expert sounding-bound as you navigate your career transition journey, better enabling your career mobility and helping you achieve your next step career goals quicker and more effectively than transitioning alone.

1 consultation - £149

3 consultations - £299

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