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[Working with Ginnie] got me interviews in the job market that was very tough, in the middle of COVID and lockdown. I had multiple opportunities on the go at one point.

I pitched myself after my sessions with Ginnie and the feedback was instant and positive – you move away from the 3-stage interview process, instead to 1 interview and the offer

Within a short space of time of working with Ginnie and attending interviews, I was offered several roles and I had the luxury of picking the one which was right for me rather than taking one because it was the only one on offer

Fantastic service and value for money. I felt thoroughly supported throughout the whole process

Following the consultation I successfully landed an 18 month contract.  And at the end of that contract I was offered another role with the company and sponsorship!

Should have done it much earlier

I found the strategy planning really helpful to have a structure to how I approached my job search, rather than the scatter gun approach I had been using

Ginnie will give you every single tool you need to conduct a polished and professional job search

Having been through outplacement support previously .. Ginnie was better able to make the argument for why certain tactics would work which made me more open to employing them. Working with Ginnie has led to new opportunities and conversations

I was given new tools and skills to project myself to be dynamic and innovative

I wouldn’t change a thing, I loved and benefited from it as it was

I found your depth of understanding and the relevance of the guidance really helpful

I approached Ginnie as I wanted support in tackling the task of job searching with a more streamlined and contemporary method – and she delivered

Quite simply, after the consultation, I gained more clients   

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