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I worked with Ginnie at a time when I was finding it difficult to find work due to COVID, her assistance changed my CV to something that brought my career and experience back to life.  There was an immediate difference in responses and interest both from applications and also the number of people who contacted me on LinkedIn. It was as if someone had switched the light back on my profile and CV

The collaborative process really helped me reframe the value and experience I bring to the table.  We then worked on effective job search strategies which enabled me to unlock a range of opportunities, and resulted in me landing my dream job as a Chocolate Scientist

There are a number of job transition people from good to poor and it really is a jungle out there.  Ginnie is one of the best

The way Ginnie works is very approachable and logical and sets the scene. It is also up to the candidate how much time they want to invest.  The more you invest with Ginnie the more you will get out

I believe we worked well in partnership, Ginnie’s experience and expertise was vital to this 

Thankyou for helping me in my career, I do believe you played a massive part in helping me get to the next stage of my career

What I particularly enjoyed about working with Ginnie?  Honesty, humour, sense of fun, tailored approach, listening, not clock watching, friendship, support and ability to get to the heart of the issue

A valuable and rewarding experience

I reviewed quite a few career coaches and shortlisted 3. After we initially spoke I thought you were the right person to help me. You straight away understood my confusion as to how best to present myself and helped steer me in the right direction. I found a role a few months later that brought me to another level

Genuine interest in me and my support needs, taking the time to find out about me, being available regularly and on unannounced calls, follow up advice and guidance, approachable

Thorough, engaging and knowledgeable about both the industry and coaching/CV writing/mentoring

Your dynamic honest approach and realism of how the market works and what you need to do to win, works very well indeed

I particularly liked the quality of Ginnie’s work

I found the guidance and support really helpful and worthwhile.  It made me re-evaluate what I wanted career-wise and also gave me a really good structure for approaching my search.

My goals were fully met in all respects, and more!

The overall suite of advice and techniques I found the most useful

When you listen to Ginnie it makes perfect sense, there is a bit of a stern realisation when you are told that you need an overhaul but it makes sense when you really listen to experience

It was very cathartic working with Ginnie.  I learnt a lot of new and more modern ways of presenting myself to others and have a better understanding of how others perceive, read and process CVs and Candidates

Ginnie’s insightful, strategic and pragmatic approach is incredibly useful and relevant in today’s job search market.

Invest in projecting yourself more effectively with a greater focus and you WILL be noticed

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