Ginnie Riley / Job Search Warrior

Employers, so you want to protect your company’s brand and recruit more effectively?  Then think about the real candidate experience.

Value the Candidate: The Candidate who:

  • Drops everything for the last minute interview
  • Takes a day’s holiday from work or sorts childcare, only to be told the interview needs rescheduling
  • Is declined after interview because they don’t have the right experience –  a decision which could have been determined  by reading the CV
  • Shows interest in your business sets up a portal password, takes the time to fill out another lengthy application form, and hears nothing back
  • Takes the time out to attend the interview, and hears nothing back
  • Has been misinformed by the agency representing you
  • Waits for a second interview that never comes
  • Answers generic questions with generic answers, or doesn’t know what animal they would like to be
  • Rejects a second interview, 4 weeks later as they have been snapped up elsewhere and was not kept informed
  • Rejects your job offer (which could be down to the impression formed during the interview experience)

Investing in the Candidate experience is investing in your Company Brand.  Compromising the Candidate experience is compromising your Company Band.

Don’t short-circuit the system.  Invest in your recruitment process.