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My CV and Profile needed a major facelift

"I was approaching the completion of a permanent engagement and appreciated that my CV/profile would require a major facelift ahead of seeking any new & exciting challenges.  The aim was to refresh my CV, ideally transforming it from a traditional format into something much more engaging, impactful and reader-friendly, whilst telling a comprehensive career story.   

The main challenges were two-fold; firstly with regard to the overall format/flow, and secondly in assessing what to include/exclude and how best to articulate the key successes and achievements.  I think the main gap for me, was probably a lack of creativity on my part in not knowing how best to create a credible and compelling career history, initially quite a daunting task when trying to evaluate the most significant elements.  

I chose to work with Ginnie as she came highly recommended by a trusted and valued member of my leadership team. I invested in the CV recraft service. Working with Ginnie proved to be a very positive experience as my initial aims were successfully achieved. I moved quickly into a new role and have subsequently used Ginnie’s services to review and update my CV with more recent information.    
I now have a CV which I believe clearly highlights my competencies, successes and achievements, and feel confident that it will continue to be a key factor in helping me to seek new career opportunities as and when required.  

I believe we worked well together in partnership; Ginnie’s experience and expertise was vital in developing the revised format/structure, however the ownership for the detail within this framework was clearly mine as I have the ultimate responsibility for selling and promoting myself. A valuable and rewarding experience".

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