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Going from 4 pages to 2 pages, with 35 years experience makes you feel all the hard work over the years, would not be able to fit on to 2 pages.  The difference is far more powerful, focused and professional, far more that I could have imagined.

I didn’t fully appreciate how dated and tired my CV had become until I approached a career crossroads. Ginnie encouraged me to really think about my CV, which resulted in my CV clearly articulating the critical achievements in my career in a way that makes it impactful .. I firmly believe my objectives were achieved and feel both pride and confidence when sending my CV for consideration.

Ginnie brought life back to a hitherto dull CV, which greatly improved my profile, resulting in new opportunities.

I didn’t realise I had such a weak CV .. immediately you realize that your CV is the most important document that sells you first, my previous CV was weak compared to the dynamic document I have now.

Having constructed my CV it was then out there in the market.  Within one month I was employed.

Ginnie updated my CV from an employee CV to a consultancy format; and I soon gained new clients after the CV update.

Helped with showcasing what I had achieved in a different way .. The revised CV gave me more confidence and was a great format .. having done the same role for many years with 3 different Accounts, Ginnie helped me give each part of my career a specific point of difference.

[Before working with Ginnie] I had a lengthy career and CV with a mixture of permanent and interim roles. I think this was confusing recruiters .. not any more!

I really liked your ability to draw out the details – which reminded me that I have achieved things in my career.

What resonated with me was I started to realize that the words in my new CV were actually me.

Working through my CV together was a much more immersive experience than I expected.  It allowed me to reframe the way I see my experience and value, and really helped give me confidence.

The CV format did package me well so I have kept following it and adding to it.

Ginnie is personable and professional, she is able to get a feel for who you are which comes across in my CV.

What I found the most useful was working together, it wasn’t just you writing me a CV and saying here you go, thanks, it was a joined up approach.

The experience was  a very pleasant one - particularly in understanding what to put into my CV and what not to.

Following the CV-recraft, I received lots of positive comments about my new CV.

Ginnie’s approach and love of the subject was excellent and clearly successful. Not only does it improve your job search and CV but instils in you to keep on improving.

What I found most useful was that Ginnie understood the brief, pre-allocated time slots and a fast turnaround with amazing output.

Following the CV recraft with Ginnie, I soon found work.

The old CV was OK, but the new CV opened a lot more doors.

I know how to highlight achievements and make the CV and application stand out.

I now have a CV which I believe clearly highlights my competencies, successes and achievements.

The exceptional attention to detail in highlighting the key points in my career I found to be a wonderful experience – I can hardly believe I have now been involved in so many positive career experiences and results.  Ginnie’s expertise in drawing the information from the depths of my memory was truly painless, enjoyable and fascinating.

The process made me stand out from the crowd, recruitment agencies often comment on such a clear CV with no “bull****” and “boring pages of nonsense”.

It’s also useful that I now also have a format for writing and updating my CV for future roles.

I think the main problem for me was probably a lack of creativity, not knowing how best to create a credible and compelling career history, initially quite a daunting task.

To articulate experience and ambition can be difficult to sell, especially at the levels I pitched my next career move .. it’s frustrating not having the tools to hit the mark.

I feel more confident that when I submit my CV it ticks the boxes for the recruiter and gets my profile across succinctly.

I was reluctant to extend my CV to 3 pages but Ginnie persuaded me to do so and it worked.

The CV opened more doors and highlighted my skills once more.

I worked with Ginnie at a time when I was finding it difficult to find work due to COVID, her assistance changed my CV to something that brought my career and experience back to life.

Several of the hiring managers commented on how much they liked my cv and how it was different to all the others and therefore stood out.

I had just arrived in the UK, and after help with my CV I broke into a new industry and have since been promoted.

There were a number of people offering to write CVs although most did not fill me with confidence.  It is difficult to sort out the winners from the also rans.  Ginnie convinced me through logic and not a too pushy approach about what she could do for me .. And she did.

Ginnie offered something new and different to the usual “I can rewrite your cv” approach

She managed to pull career information out of me to enhance my cv that I could never have remembered without her.

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