Job Search & Career Transition Coaching

Master the art of clever job hunting and jet propel your job search activities with practical and comprehensive 1-2-1 career coach help and guidance in all job search avenues, some of which you haven’t yet considered or explored!

Career transition coaching covers a range of job search strategies as well as providing you tools and tips to manage your job search campaign and open up further career opportunities. You will also receive your own personalised Job Search Action Plan.

Career Transition Coaching, Job Search Help & Personalised Action Plan to Jet Propel your job search success and effectively accelerate your next step career move

The way we search for our next career move has changed. A lot. Your job search journey can be a step into the unknown.

Job Search and Career Transition Coaching includes…

  • Online / offline job search strategies
  • Managing recruitment agencies/head-hunters
  • LinkedIn
  • Social media / social profiling
  • Managing your own personal brand
  • Where to locate career opportunities / advertised / hidden
  • How to make direct approaches
  • The power of networking

Job Search Help, Consultation & Personalised Action Plan

It’s mind boggling and if you haven’t been in the job market for a while – quite daunting, at a critical time in your life, when you can’t afford to get it wrong.

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About this Session / This session is for you if…

  • You are out of touch with everything recruitment and need help embarking on your professional job search
  • You are facing redundancy and the prospect of looking for another professional job fills you with fear
  • You are looking to make a career change but not sure how to get to started
  • You have been looking for a professional job but feel you are not making progress
  • Want to smarten up your job search
  • Feel you are in no-man’s land, between jobs and need to kick-start your job search

What you can expect / How does it work?

Following an initial consultation, we will schedule in a 2 hour one on one discussion, either face to face, skype or over the phone. I will elaborate on various online and offline job search strategies; Managing Recruitment Agencies; LinkedIn; Social Media and Social Profiling; Managing your own personal brand; How to locate advertised and hidden career opportunities and Networking.

We will also cover managing your job search and I will provide you with a personalised Job Search Action Plan. With plenty of useful tips and advice along the way.

Let’s start your job search journey together

Let’s start your job search journey together
Help yourself by making life easier with some job search and career transition coaching and mentoring guidance and support

Help yourself by making life easier with some 1-2-1 job search support