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Leaving your job? 10 things ..

Leaving your job? 10 things 

  1. Ask to see your training record and take a copy.
  2. Check your personal HR file for any info you may need in the future, eg dates and awards.
  3. Ask your collegues for references, LinkedIn testimonials and endorsements.
  4. Grab the internal reference directlyto capture all names and ensure you connect on LinkedIn and keep in touch. Your etwork is incredibly valuable. 
  5. Collate CV content; reports, KPIs, plans, project work etc. Particularly quantitative data and success stories, before you lose access to essential CV fodder. 
  6. Capture any email address and phone numbers you might want to retain before returning your phone and laptop.
  7. Check what you have stored on your phone and laptop before handing them back. 
  8. Check your LinkedIn address - if it is a work email address you might have to change this to maintain access to your account
  9. Do a recce around the office, systes and home; be sure to return anything that belongs to your employer. 
  10. Always leae on good terms with everyone you never know when your paths will cross again. 



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