The biggest mistake made by all job searchers, recruiters and hirers

What is the biggest mistake made by all job searchers, recruiters and hirers? The common denominator and trap that everyone falls into?

And here’s the reality – just by reading these first couple of lines, you may have unwittingly made this mistake already .. that’s how easy it is .. to make assumptions .. to unintentionally mislead your own sound judgement,  so easily taking you down the wrong road and consequently, way off where you should be.

We all do it every day.  We all make assumptions.  Sometimes we realize. Sometimes we don’t.  But it happens, albeit naively.

Yet assumptions are so dangerous. They block possibility and prevent opportunity.  They are damaging and an avoidable distraction. They can be game-changers and can pivot crucial decisions.

To prove my point,  assumptions I regularly see in recruitment and  job search, which cripple progress include;

  • They never got back to me; assumption = they are not interested
  • The gap in the CV; assumption = what are they hiding?
  • The candidate can’t make the interview; assumption = candidate not interested
  • Job titles; assumption = narrow remit and responsibilities
  • Short tenure; assumption = sacked
  • Lots of jobs; assumption = unreliable

We train our minds to think in certain ways, many of our assumptions are learnt and the default is negative.

The first step to remedy this is to recognise this.  Be aware of your internal dialogue.

Then open your mind, don’t be black and white in your thinking – be more ‘grey’. Retune your thought transmission.

Follow up the job interview.

Ask the candidate more questions.

Probe into career history.

Check all your messages, including the voicemail you’ve ignored ..

Determine fact from fiction.  Don’t fill in the blanks with what you don’t know, seek answers!

Create possibility, don’t prevent it!

Sorry to regurgitate a very old cliche – but it really is true!  To Assume is to make an Ass out of u and me!