Delving into the mind of a CV Reviewer. 3 steps.

Delving into the mind of a CV Reviewer.

Step 1
Pick up the CV and flick through the pages to gauge instant first impressions.  MINDSET TRIGGER NUMBER ONE – do I like the feel and look of it? Am I looking for reasons why I should place this CV in the YES pile; or, do I get a not-so-great feeling about it, and I am looking for reasons why I should place this CV in the NO pile.

Step 2
Quickly assess who you are, what you are and why I should hire you.  MINDSET TRIGGER NUMBER TWO – go straight to the personal summary statement to quickly determine these things.  No time to actually read your CV and figure this out, so it needs to be clear as a bell.  This will determine if I read on with a more positive, ambivalent or couldn’t-care-less MINDSET.

Step 3
Continue to scan the CV and look for key qualifiers that are important.  MINDSET TRIGGER NUMBER THREE –This is a page-turner, I’m now reading with interest and in fact picking up interesting points that tips the balance and I’d like to explore further at interview; or, my interest is dwindling, this CV is not easy to read and doesn’t tell me much of what I need to know, creating more questions than answers – it could be a contender – but one for the Possible pile; or, totally disengaged, not working for me, not answering my questions, no key qualifiers demonstrated – it’s an easy No.

My point being …

Even if you are a great fit for the role, and you may even be the best-fit applicant for the job amongst the crowd of CVs being considered – if your CV doesn’t reflect what the Hirer is looking for, then do not pass go and do not collect £100.