Ginnie Riley offers free ‘Next Step’ Consultation to those who are facing redundancy during these unsettling times

Free Job Search Consultation available to those who are facing redundancy during C-19 lockdown, as a direct result of Coronavirus.

Furlough is a voluntary employee scheme; that means it is an employer’s choice. Employers are not obligated to furlough you. What we are seeing now – well into this lockdown period, is some companies having to make some tough decisions, which in some cases is resulting in redundancies, especially as there will be an employer cost to furlough employees going forward and normal redundancies protocols will still apply.

If these are uncertain times for you as an employee, you are threatened directly with redundancy and you feel you are lost, I can offer a free consultation to help gain some clarity on your next steps.

If you are an employer and would like to help and support your exiting employers, then please do get in touch as the free consultation opportunity applies to anyone facing redundancy during these torrid times.

Job Search Consultation can be carried out over the phone or via Zoom.

Just trying to do my bit during these unprecedented times.  Please share so that those who might benefit from some free career transition support during these unsettling times, will see this too.  Thank you.

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